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Zhejiang yiheng teaching instrument co. Ltd. (Formerly known as yongkang yiheng teaching instrument co.Ltd.) Is located in the flourishing development of the "china stationery production base" — yongkang former warehouse, after nearly twelve years of unremitting efforts, the company now covers an area of 16000 square meters, construction area of 48000 square meters, the existing assets of nearly billion yuan, yongkang stationery industry association unit. Professional production and sales of primary and middle school teaching equipment, laboratory equipment, and research room, innovation and technology classrooms, sound equipment, wei lao students health testing, counseling room and special education equipment, youth series, multimedia classrooms, taped classroom, 2015 sales reached 1 billion yuan, the company has a design department, production department, quality inspection department, sales department, project department, financial department, customer service department, logistics department as a modern professional enterprise.

Since the establishment of the company always adhere to the "pursuit of perfection, more quality" is our eternal pursuit of "being the pioneer" is our eternal goal, we adhering to the "reliable quality, customer first,integrity first" purpose. Our company is a member, Chinese education association Chinese instrument equipment industry association unit members, china stationery and sporting goods association, member of zhejiang province, teaching equipment industry association, guangxi education association, member of hunan provincial education equipment industry equipment industry association guangdong pr0vince,2016,2017 year school normal teaching instrument protocol provider, and through iso9001 quality management system certification, iso14001 environmental management system certification, gb/t28001 — 2001 occupation health and safety management system certification, environmental product certification mark, Chinese china environmental product certification, china green materials and a series of certification mark, our company production and sales of products have been in the "product quality guarantee insurance, product liability insurance,public liability insurance" insurance.

Today, a constant company based on now, look to the future, every employee is ready to serve the education of responsibility, establish the "unremitting self — improvement,social commitment" spirit of enterprise, to provide complete high-quality products, preferential prices for the school, and improve the customer service service.

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Pursuit of perfection, industry pioneer, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

  • 2013-2014年度永康和谐劳动关系先进企业
  • 2014年度工业产值超5000万元企业
  • 2014年度劳动管理信得过单位
  • 2016年度被评为纳税十强企业
  • 2016年度工业中被评为龙头企业
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