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Campus culture construction steps

campus culture

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1, our understanding of school culture

School culture refers to the specific spiritual culture and cultural atmosphere of a school, and it is the sum of the cultural spirit of the cultural life of teachers and students. It includes the following: spiritual culture (ideal culture, environmental culture), material culture (cultural environment), management culture, teacher culture, student culture, activity culture and so on.

Since the school is a place to educate and train people, the school culture generally takes the meaning of spiritual culture. That is to say, in the process of school development, the common members of the school gradually formed the spiritual culture including the school's highest goals, values, school spirit, traditional habits, behavioral norms and rules and regulations, as well as material culture such as school buildings, school landscapes, greening and beautification. Spiritual culture is the first priority. Therefore, school culture is a comprehensive reflection of the spirit and style of teachers and students, the way of thinking, the value orientation and the norms of behavior. To a certain extent, it highlights the unique concept and development characteristics of school development. It can be said that school culture is a sustainable development brand of a school.

2, our understanding of school culture construction (connotation of school culture construction)

1. School culture construction is the initiation, design, transformation and generation of modern school culture based on the implementation of quality education.

2. School culture construction is an important part of school construction, a carrier for education and teaching, a breakthrough for implementing quality education, and a deep and high-grade construction of the school.

3. The construction of school culture is the process of the school principal, the leadership team and the teachers to build their own educational ideals. The process of depicting the grand blueprint of their educational life is to construct a new growth point and a new comprehensive strength for the further development of the school. process.

4. The construction of school culture means that the school's school, the leadership team and the teachers are writing a historical chapter of school development, and planning the blueprint for the future development of the school.

5. The construction of school culture means that the school's school, the leadership team and the teachers are sorting out and summarizing the history of this development for the school, searching for the new educational elements of the school in the new context, integrating the various positive and effective schools. Educational power and educational resources.

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