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How should the biological microscope be kept?
Teaching equipment: How should the biological microscope be kept? What are the precautions? Next, let's take a look!
1. The biological microscope should be placed in a dry and clean room. After use, put it back in the cabinet, or cover it with a glass cover or plastic cover, and put in a dry agent.
2, do not disassemble the parts by yourself; the lens barrel should be plugged into the eyepiece or the cover to prevent dust from entering the upper part of the lens barrel.
3. Biological microscopes should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and should not be placed near stoves or heaters, to avoid drastic changes in heat and cold that may cause degumming, deformation or damage to the lens and parts.
4. When rotating coarse and fine adjustments than aluminum focusing, the action should be slower. Do not crush the cover sheet to prevent the objective lens and the light collector from being damaged by controlled impact.
5. The mirror surface of the reflector should be protected and clean. Do not allow water, xylene or cedar oil to penetrate to prevent the mercury from falling off the reflector.
6. The cleaning lens is only limited to the outer surface. After the surface of the object is contaminated by the medicine, wipe it with a lens paper dipped in a little lens cleaning liquid; if the back side needs to be cleaned, wipe it with a soft brush, or use a leather tip to absorb dust.
7. After using the oil lens, wipe the cedar oil on the lens clean.
8. After the biological microscope is used, wipe all parts clean, turn the grid objective lens into a figure eight, then lower the lens barrel and the light collector to fix it, and then set the mirror surface of the reflector to a vertical position.
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