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How often does the teaching equipment be overhauled?
Teaching equipment is often used in many places nowadays. Educational institutions, conference rooms, studios, etc. often use these equipment. Since the application fields of teaching equipment are so extensive now, it must be protected. Today, let's take a look at how often teaching equipment should be overhauled.
Purpose: Suitable for "Electrical Foundation", "Electrical Engineering", "Digital Electricity", "Modular Electricity", "Electrical Engineering", "Motor and Electric Drive", "Electrical Control", "Relay Contact" Experimental teaching of courses such as control. And it can expand the experiment content such as "programmable controller" and "motor frequency conversion control".
Supporting software: "Electrical Skills and Practice Training Simulation Teaching System Software", "Electronic Skills and Practice Training Simulation Teaching System Software"
It is inevitable that there will be some problems in the process of use, and especially when it is just used, it is not so clear, so there will be more problems, but it does not matter, you can follow the instructions. It is generally recommended to overhaul the teaching equipment once a month. If there are no major problems in the inspection, then some hygiene should be clear to the teaching equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate better. This is a maintenance of the equipment.
It is recommended that the teaching equipment shouldn’t be remembered for too long to be overhauled. Problems that occur during use should be resolved in time, so as not to cause bigger problems and cause unnecessary troubles, which will also delay use.

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